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Salary simulation

Main criteria to consider
CHF Mission.jpg

Details of each contract

Location of the contract.

Duration of the assignment and occupation rate.

Billing rate and currency.

Additional items to be billed: overtime, expenses, on-call services.

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Personal situation


Usual place of tax residence and during the mission. Do you plan to move?

Family situation.

Family allowances received.

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Which expenses are accepted?

Are they invoiced to customers?

CHF Assurance perte de gain.jpg

Accident and sickness insurances

Competitive contribution rates

As a CH Finance employee, you are affiliated with our loss of earnings insurance.

In the event of accident or sickness, daily allowances are paid.

CHF Prévoyance professionnelle.jpg

Pension plan

A trusted partner

We have defined personalized pension plans with our partner, in order to cover the majority of consultants' requests.

What are your expectations in terms of savings and risk coverage?

How to choose your payroll company?
Your personal situation is unique and evolving.

Your requirements and goals vary.

CH Finance brings you its skills, and works with you to define the most suitable solutions for your personal situation:

  1. Analysis of your situation

  2. Personalized information and advice

  3. Choice of main options

  4. Detailed salary simulations

Salary simulations
Our salary simulations are flexible and precise.

The complexity and the multiplicity of the cases do not allow to provide detailed salary simulations from a simple form or an Excel file.

Contact us to define your tailor-made solution and choose your portage company.

Advice and information

Our team is at your disposal.

Contact us as soon as possible!

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