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CH Finance presentation

Who are we?

CH Finance group was created in 2009.

CH Finance group is made up of 4 own companies which are located in 4 different cantons.

A strong historical presence in French-speaking Switzerland in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud and Friborg.

A more recent presence in German-speaking Switzerland in the canton of Zug.

Why this network?

To be as close as possible to clients and consultants who trust us.

To extend our network throughout Switzerland.

To offer consultants an optimized wage portage solution , unique in Switzerland!

For each consultant we define the company, the canton and the options that best suit his personal situation:

  • Family allowances

  • Level of salary costs

  • Insurance benefits

  • Occupational pension contracts

  • Taxes

  • Expenses

Each consultant is assigned to the company that suits him!
Each customer has a single point of contact!
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Our warranties
The commercial register
AVG authorizations

Each company is an SA (Société Anonyme) registered in the Swiss trade register.

The commercial register

The companies ABSwiss SA, Ketis SA and WiXi SA hold the necessary authorizations to practice staff leasing and recruitment  of personnel.

  • Cantonal authorization: activities in Switzerland

  • Federal authorization: activities of interest abroad

AVG legal texts

Companies directory


Harmonization of documents and procedures
Single point of contact

All documents and procedures are harmonized between the different companies of the group.

The assignment to one of the companies is "transparent" to consultants and companies.


A single point of contact is defined for administrative and commercial management.


Relations between CH Finance group companies and each client are greatly facilitated.

Identical prices

All the companies in the group apply the same price conditions in complete transparency:

  • Commission for wage portage and advance payment

  • Commission for fixed and temporary recruitment

Advice and information


Our team is at your disposal.

Contact us as soon as possible!

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