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Solution for Consultant

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Solution for Consultant
By joining the CH Finance network, each consultant benefits from all of our services and advantages:
  1. Increase in professional network

  2. Inside information on current recruitment offers

  3. Personalized advice

  4. Optimized payroll solution

Each consultant is assigned to a company of the CH Finance group.

The procedures and documents are harmonized, the use of the different companies of the CH Finance group is as transparent as possible.

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Your advantages

CH Finance Network

Becoming a CH Finance consultant, you increase your professional network, you are informed in priority of recruitment requests and you benefit from our references with large groups and SMEs in Switzerland.

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Flexible and optimized salary

Our payroll system offers you great flexibility in managing your projects:

  • Multi-client / multi-project / multi-currency management

  • Management of different billing rates, overtime, on-call services and expenses

Single price, all inclusive!

Fixed commission based on the daily rate.

Everything is included: administrative management, advice, options, etc ...

Advice and information

Our team is at your disposal.

Contact us as soon as possible!

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