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Payroll solution

Request your salary simulation!
An optimized solution, unique in Switzerland!

CH Finance defines with you the solution best suited to your personal situation: selection of a company from the group, canton and options.

The main criteria taken into consideration are as follows:

  • Family allowances

  • Wage contributions

  • Insurance benefits

  • Pension plans (2nd pillar)

  • Tax at source

  • Management of expenses

If the consultant's personal situation or his activity changes,

the solution can be changed!

A flexible solution designed for consultants.

To adapt to the current market, consultants must show more and more flexibility with clients:

  • Short, one-off or part-time assignments

  • Different rates applied depending on the projects or places of activity

  • Supplements are billable ( additional hours, on-calls, expenses)

  • Several customers in parallel

  • And sometimes several currencies

We have the solution !

CH Finance adapts to all situations and recalculates the real salary each month according to the real activity.


  • No provision is made for any subsequent adjustments.

  • No rounding to the detriment of the employee

  • Full transparency

CHF Salaire mensuel EN.PNG
Our Advantages
CHF Gestion des salaires.jpg

Payrols system

Flexibility and Transparency

Our payroll system is specific to the wage portage activity.

Our solution offers you great flexibility in managing your projects:

  • Multi-client / multi-project / multi-currency management

  • Management of different billing rates, overtime, on-call services and expenses


A detailed monthly statement allows you to have a clear view of your situation.

CHF Notes de frais.jpg


Optimization and adaptability

The management of your expenses is included in our offer.

Swiss VAT is recovered and added to your income.

In Swiss francs or foreign currencies, our solutions are adapted to the needs of each consultant.

CHF Assurance perte de gain.jpg

Accident and sickness insurances


All consultants are affiliated with our loss of earnings insurance. In the event of accident or sickness, a benefit is paid.

​Our partner was chosen to offer you a high quality of services and very competitive contribution rates.

CHF Prévoyance professionnelle.jpg

Pension plan

Savings and Security

Our partner has been selected to offer you security and competitiveness:

• Full risk coverage: contributions for pension plan are 100% guaranteed

• Attractive contribution rates

• High quality of services and advice

Our pension plans are defined to meet the specific needs of consultants.

A favorable rate

Our commission is a FIXED amount per billed day.

  • Increased billing rate? Our commission remains fixed, you receive the entire increase.

  • On-calls activities to charge? No commission.

  • Expenses to be invoiced? No commission.

Our offer

CH Finance offers all consultants a SINGLE RATE where EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED !!!


  • Work permit + associated administrative costs

  • Tax at source management

  • Application for family allowances

  • Management of expense reports with VAT collected

  • All the necessary documents: employment contracts, mission orders, salary slips, detailed monthly statements, salary certificates, work certificates, etc.

  • Benefits in the event of accident, illness, death

  • Application for unemployment benefit and intermediate earnings

Notre Offre
Advice and information

Our team is at your disposal.

Contact us as soon as possible!

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