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Consulting company / Recruitment agency

Our Advantages
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Two proposed solutions

Option 1: you keep all of the customers relationship, and CH Finance manages your consultants.

Option 2: we manage the relationships with your clients and your consultants. You receive a monthly investment commission.

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Single point of contact

CH Finance offers you centralized follow-up:

  • Commercial management of the various services

  • Administrative management (contracts and procedures harmonized between all our companies)

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Staff leasing contract (AVG)


The staff leasing contract is used for the provision of staff  with your company.

You ensure the power of direction over the consultant, and assume the risks related to the execution of the service.

The consultant is an employee of one of the companies of the CH Finance group.

The contracts comply with AVG law.

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IT consulting services / Mandate contract


IT consulting services are provided either by our employees, or by consultants in "freelance" status, or by our subcontracting partners.

CH Finance ensures the power of direction over the consultants and guarantees the execution of the services.

Solution for consulting company

You manage the relationships with your customers.

CH Finance is your single point of contact for the management of your external resources.

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Solution for recruitment agency

CH Finance manages all relationships with your clients and consultants.

You will receive a placement commission.

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Advice and information

Our team is at your disposal.

Contact us as soon as possible!

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