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CH Finance

The first Swiss network for IT services

1. Payroll solution
2. Permanent and temporary recruitment
3. Consulting services
The CH Finance group
CH Finance group is made up of 4 own companies which are located in 4 different cantons.

To offer tailor-made services and stay as close as possible to consultants and companies. ​

To offer optimized solutions.

Payroll solution
Our strength is to offer flexible and optimized payroll solutions:
  • Selection of a company from CH Finance group

  • FIXED carry fee

  • Each month, calculation of the real salary

  • Invoicing multiple customers at different rates

  • Multi-currency salaries and invoices.

  • Management of expenses reports


Unique offer where everything is included!

calculer les économies
Portage salarial
Silhouettes de travail
Permanent and temporary recruitment
CH Finance specializes in recruiting IT jobs.
With the strength of our network of consultants and our specialized partners, we quickly find your suitable profile.
Consulting services
The strength of CH Finance is to adapt to your needs to support you in the realization of your various projects:
  • Technical and functional expertise
  • Maintenance and evolution of your systems
  • Full implementation projects
Clavier Glowing
Conseil IT
Our specific solutions

I am an employee of the CH Finance group company which is most suited to my situation.

I charge each of my clients at different rates.

My payslip is optimized.


I'm joining the CH Finance network.


CH Finance is our single point of contact for the management of our external resources, our recruitments and our IT services.


The use of the different companies of the CH Finance group is transparent.

(consulting company or recruitment agency)

I keep the relationship with my end customers.

CH Finance is my single point of contact for the management of my resources and my projects.

The use of the different companies of the CH Finance group is transparent.

Solutions spécifiques
Advice and information

Our team is at your disposal.

Contact us as soon as possible!

Salary simulation
What are the advantages of each canton?

Which company to choose?

What are the options offered?

CH Finance defines the best solution for you:

  1. Analysis of your situation

  2. Personalized information and advice

  3. Choice of main options

  4. Detailed salary simulations

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